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    How it works

    Our SMS portal platform is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. You just need to Register if you are a new customer or Login if you already have an account. Buy credit from us if you don't have and start messaging! See our blog for more tutorials

    Desktop Features

    • Automatic splitting of messages into multiple pages if it exceeds maximum allowed by your provider
    • Members get automatically credited once they pay through integrated payment gateway.
    • View SMS chat history of a particular recipient
    • Improved phonebook record selection on compose page
    • Save recipients to new or old address book group while sending message
    • Upload recipients with names and numbers
    • Save a copy of message being sent as Draft for future use
    • Removal of duplicate numbers from recipients before sending sms
    • Removal of invalid numbers from recipients before sending sms
    • Reformats poorly formatted numbers e.g formats 08081234567 and +447701234567 to 2348081234567 and 447701234567 respectively
    • Dynamic Sender ID
    • Multiple recipients
    • Select individual recipients from address book while sending message
    • Select groups from address book while sending messsage
    • Upload recipients from text files or csv
    • Accept recipient numbers and names
    • Type new message or pick messages from draft folder
    • Search sent messages by username, sender ID, message content, status e.t.c
    • Cancel pending and scheduled messages with a button
    • Resend already sent messages
    • View, edit or delete draft SMS
    • Automatic cost calculation for SMS orders
    • Members can have signature appended to all outgoing SMS messages
    • Compose multiple SMS to multiple recipients from excel (Useful for microfinance banks and large organisations)
    • Notify member of insufficient credits where required credit exceeds remaining balance
    • Schedule a single message to deliver at multiple times (Unlimited scheduling)

    Mobile App Features

    • Our Mobile App is free! Follow the instructions on the forum to setup your mobile App.
    • Pick contacts from your phone's contact list and send with one click.
    • Backup your phone's contact to specific groups.
    • Restore specific phonebook groups from site to mobile phone.
    • Purchase SMS units with SMS vouchers.
    • Manage draft messages on your phone.
    • Users can download mobile App from our site and register on the mobile App to start using your bulk SMS. No need to visit our site again.


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