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    What is bulk SMS?

    When SMS (Short Message Service) is sent to several phone numbers from a computer or mobile device, it is refered to as bulk sms.

    How do I get started?

    To get started, visit www.justsms.com.ng and register for FREE. It takes just 60 seconds to register.

    I have registered, what next?

    A welcome email has been sent to the email id you provided when registering. Login to your email account and activate your JUSTSMS account. Contact us if you need support.

    Do you charge any extra fee? Do I need to sign a contract?

    We do not have any hidden fee, neither do we require you to sign any contract. You are only required to buy credit for sending SMS.

    How much is SMS credits?

    We have a flexible pricing plan. Our prices decrease with increase in quantity purchased. See our pricing plan for details

    How do I buy Credits?

    You can choose to pay via ATM transfer, online transfer, cash deposit to our bank account, online payment. If payment is made online, you will be credited automatically with the equivalent credit of the amount purchased. Manual payment will take a maximum of 30 minutes to be credited. You can also pay in our office. See how to pay for details

    Can I buy much SMS for keep? Do your SMS credits expire?

    Purchased credits from Just SMS never expire. You can use your credit anytime you like.

    How do I send bulk SMS?

    Sending SMS on our platform is very easy. Follow 3 simple steps - Register/Login, click compose, enter the details then click send. See our tutorial to get started.

    How long does it take to deliver a text message?

    Your messages are delivered almost immediatelly after sending. However, during busy or peak periods, there could be slight delays. Also, additional delays may be experienced if recipient's phone is out of coverage areas or switched off. When this happens a carrier will attempt to deliver your message within 72 hours

    Why didn't some of my contacts receive the message that I sent to them?

    Many reasons may be responsible for non delivery. Some of the reasons include but are not limited to: memory full, out of network coverage area, and if the phone number was typed incorrectly.

    Why was i charged for text messages that my recipients do not receive?

    Every time our system sends a text message for you, we are charged by our SMS gateway service provider. We do not issue refund except if our provider does.

    Where is my details and phone numbers stored?

    All information of registered members with JUSTSMS are stored on our secured database. No one else but you has access to your personal information and phone contacts

    How long does it take to get started?

    Our SMS platform is simplified. Just register and you will be texting in less than five minutes. You will receive 10 FREE SMS credit upon registration to try our platform.

    How do I upload my contacts?

    You may choose to upload your contacts in three different formats: As an excel file,CSV file, or as a text file. Please note that MS Word files are not allowed.

    How do i become a reseller?

    We offer customized sms portal for all interested resellers for a very moderate fee. Check here for our reseller details.

    Can I send messages to other countries?

    Yes. You can send to 400+ Networks around the globe. Note that unit price for countries varies. Please see our coverage list for unit deduction and see if your specific country or network is covered.

    My question is not listed here?

    Contact us via email by submitting a support ticket, if your questions have not been answered

    Thank you for choosing JUSTSMS

    We will do our best to address frequently asked questions. If after reading you can't find answers, please contact us

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